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Mine started out like all you guys, but after a month it just took on a mind of it's own, it started going up and down all by itself. No matter what I did it just opened and closed several times up and down when I opened the door. Then when I finally got it back up, several times it would not even move, I closed the door went in the house. When I came back out the next time, the window was wide open with no key in the ignition. It did this twice more and I got in it and drove it to the dealership. I can't leave it parked with windows wide open because it is in a carport. And I surely can't drive it to a mall and leave it with the window wide open. It has been at the dealership since December 13th. I still do not have a new window motor, which is what they say I need, or use of my new car. Car has 1,900 miles on it!

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