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Originally Posted by Z_Rocks View Post
What I really like about this blower and Whipple, is that how these blowers maintain a steady blow till redline. If you look at the TQ curve, it's almost flat all the way to redline. Image you add a headers and blower Cam on this, the TQ would be solid flat.

The second most important thing (which I don't have an answer to), is which has the least "parasitic losses" which results a better final result. KB has always been famous for that. Whipple is very efficient too. But I don't have the facts among all these new PD blowers.

Thirdly, the throttle body and see how much bigger it is than the stock (even if you port the stock). This has a huge bottleneck on performance, if it's not large enough. In fact the new Mustange GT for 2011, has changed theirs to the shape and size of KB.

The big question is, do you have to cut the hood or drop the engine?
for the parasitic loss, look here,

i know its a mustang magazine, but its the blower comparison im interested it, the TVS required 147hp to use where as the Kenne Bell only took 111hp

as for the hood and engine drop, Kenne Bell claims the 2.8 fits with no issue, its when you go for the bigger blowers the hood gets in the way. if it doesnt bother you, an aftermarket larger cowl hood would fix that problem.
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