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Originally Posted by liquidfire350 View Post
for the parasitic loss, look here,

i know its a mustang magazine, but its the blower comparison im interested it, the TVS required 147hp to use where as the Kenne Bell only took 111hp

as for the hood and engine drop, Kenne Bell claims the 2.8 fits with no issue, its when you go for the bigger blowers the hood gets in the way. if it doesnt bother you, an aftermarket larger cowl hood would fix that problem.
Thanks for the info Liquid; Ya, KB has always been famous for their efficiency and cool air.

It's amazing how many vendors are building F/I for this car. And we are in the middle recession and high price gas time. Imagine people had more money to spend.

Not to hijack the thread, the new 2011 mustange engine is [technically] awesome too.

Some info from the magazine:
"While it doesn't compare to the 500 hp required to drive a Top Fuel Roots blower, some of these larger street/strip superchargers required as much as 150 hp to spin them at 18,000 rpm and 20-plus pounds of boost. Not surprisingly, results from the blower dyno correlate perfectly with the chassis dyno. Configured to produce 20 psi of boost (a level not attainable with the TVS on the 5.4), the TVS checked at 18,000 rpm, 340 degrees of discharge temperature, and a whopping 147 hp worth of parasitic drive losses.
This means it took 147 hp to drive the TVS supercharger at this speed and flow level. By comparison, the Kenne Bell required only 12,700 rpm to produce the same 20 psi. Running the same boost level, the discharge temperature registered only 282 degrees, and the Twin Screw blower absorbed only 111 hp in the process. Thus the Twin Screw reduced the inlet charge temp, blower speed, and parasitic losses required to reach the desired boost level."

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