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Originally Posted by Maclain View Post
Thanks for the info Ject. I looked at the link, and I will do that soon, but the brakes grab well once the brake pedal is about 1/3rd to 1/2 way down, and it is just the "travel" of the brake pedal up until the point of engagement that I do not like.

Do people put steel/kevlar braided brake lines on cars like we did years ago with racing motorcycles?
I'm not sure if your car has a specific issue beyond normal sponginess, but stainless steel braided brake lines are a noticeable improvement. A quality set (like Goodridge) will reduce line swell by about 99% per the lab test data I've seen (regardless of the OE rubber lines' age). They also improve ABS performance by reducing bounce-back. They also eliminate the moisture that is slowly pulled in through the rubber lines.

Kevlar is not necessary as brake lines pressures aren't high enough to justify the extra expense. Those are best for applications with big spikes in pressure, like air jack lines on a race car.

All that said, if you are getting too much pedal travel before the brakes start to actuate, I would suggest having the system bled again. Just a small air bubble can cause trouble. Don't bet just because the car is new that there can't be one little air bubble in the system. If you've been on a car assembly line, you know what I'm talking about. It happens.

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