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Northern Tier Camaro Meet - June 5th?

Hello all,

With all the excitement of the Camaro5 Fest (C5F) going on down in Georgia (and me not able to attend), I got a little jealous and thought it would be nice to try to coordinate some type of "Northern Tier Camaro Meet" for this coming Spring. This would of course be an open invitation to ANYONE who wants to attend. So, I'd like to try to gauge your interest in something like this and solicit your ideas for suggestions. So far we have a couple good locations that need a vote, or you can tell us your own ideas. Here's what we have so far:

(1) Interstate Dragways, just South of Moorhead, MN, is having a Car Show and "Fun Run" on June 5th, 2010. I went to the same kind of event out there last Summer and it was pretty nice.....small event, but nice. The Car Show runs from 9am - 1pm, and the 1/4 mile unlimited "Fun Run" is from 1pm - 5pm. The cost is $20 to participate in just the Car Show, and an additional $30 if you wish to race on the track. Not sure what it would cost just to come out as a spectator, I'll check on that. Here's a link to the their website with lots of good pictures and links:

(2) The second choice (so far) is on that same weekend. Devils Lake, ND is hosting their annual "Devils Run" Car Show. I've never been to one of these, but it appears to be a 3-day (June 4, 5, 6) event with lots of daily activities going on, including a "Camaro Rally" and SCCA Autocross Run. From reading about last years, I guess it's a pretty big event, that even had coverage on the TV show "My Classic Car". Looks like if we do a group purchase on the pre-registration, the cost would be $30 per car. Check out the link below to see the schedule of events with plenty of pictures and links:

Obviously, there are pros and cons to each location, which is why I want to put it to a vote before we try to make any official announcements. The drag strip has the huge bonus of a 1/4 drag strip to run on, and I think it would be much easier to get us all together on one day, at one place, at one time, rather than at a 3-day event that basically encompasses the whole city (from the sounds of it). However, the Devil's Run event is a pretty big event with lots of activities to participate in, and attracts car enthusiasts from across the country. Both places seem to be pretty good options, so it's a very tough decision, which is why I'd appreciate your opinion on this. So please place a vote, or let us know your other suggestions. Thanks.
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