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Originally Posted by dms View Post
It is a 17 hour job for the Justice Pete Kit. You do not remove the subframe. Lower it yes, but do not remove it.

You will need a 12 ton minimum hydraulic press, universal balljoint press, a reciprical saw with a metal blade, and make up a puller assembly for the rear diff bushings. This is a job that I could do in my driveway with jack stands, and a floor jack.

We have a custom tool for the diff bushings. I am not sure how guys are getting them out currently, but they are.

If you need assistance or have more questions, just ask.

I will be documenting a JusticePete install and will make a manual out of it as soon as I get the HD sway bars. Will be putting it in at a shop inside Infineon Raceway. the owner is a pro driver, and we should have some fun in testing!


Thanks Mike,

I will ask around and see what shop has experience in a 5th gen camaro install. I'll be looking out for the justice pete manual as well.

With the coilovers, I'm going with a set of 19x10.5 in a 45 offset on all four corners. Does that offset sound right to you?



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