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2LT Exhaust options

Originally Posted by Guardian1816 View Post
I just got my camaro the day after xmas and im looking to put a new exhaust on it. It is the 2LT hence it is the 6 cyl. I am having no issues finding cat back systems but i was hoping that someone had come out with an entire system by now....headers on back

Here's the least expensive option (that I did) I had the stock mufflers cut off and installed dual resinators (both about 12" long) where the mufflers used to be. Then I had the original exhaust tips welded back on. Entire job costs under $100.

It has a very nice sound to it and I've been told (after doing a burnout) that it almost sounds like a Ferrari or Lambo. It's hard to tell when you are not outside and behind the car but rather always in the driver's seat.

The stock exhaust is just way to quiet.

Enjoy your new Camaro!
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