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List of Camaro5 DIYs

I've been slowly compiling a quick guide list for all of you to view and use similar to the helpful links thread I started in the 4th gen section.

Some guides have not been selected, mainly due to lack of pics or detailed examples. Because like the old addage goes "A picture is worth a thousand words". I will be sending pm's to members who have already added a guide for more detail/pictures in certain areas because while some members might know what a part is or where its located, other members (and guests) reading the thread might not know exactly where/what someone is talking about. And in an effort to assist our fellow members (and to add to our database here), I want to ensure that we have the most up-to-date and precise information. This is still in work so bear with me as things get added.

Also, I will add the disclaimer that these articles are submitted by auto enthusiasts like yourself, and therefore cannot be held responsible for any damage done to your personal property, or any injuries you sustain. Some of the articles may describe work that may void your car's warranty (if you still have one), and once again, can not be held responsible for such things. By viewing the articles posted here you agree not to hold liable for any damage, accidents, or any other harm to any of your possessions that may occur. Thank you for understanding.

General DIYs
Bolt-Ons | Intakes | Exhaust
DIY: Radiator Replacement

QTP Cutout Installation

Noweeds Diverter Installation

GTO Clutch Reservoir Install

Proven Wicked Rear Tow hook Installation

DIY: Coding your GM locking gas cap

Tools and Garage Stuffs
Duct tape | Rednecks | Bad ideas
How to make your own bushing removal tool

DIY: Removing Gorilla Wheel Locks without the Key

ZL1 Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons
Bolt-Ons | Intakes | Exhaust
DIY: MILD TO WILD for ZL1 or any camaro with dual mode exhaust

DIY: Roto-Fab Cold Air Intake Installation Video

DIY/How-to: How/What fuse to pull for NPP (Dual mode exhaust)

Camaro V8 LS3 / L99 Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons
Bolt-Ons | Intakes | Exhaust
The Moreno Brothers: Project Cleaning the Clutter in Our Engine Bay

DIY: Replacing Fuel Lines and Fittings

LS3 Engine Specifications

Fastener Tightening Specifications (6.2L LS3).pdf

DIY: How to Hide Your Evap Solenoid

DIY: LS3 Camshaft Install

DIY: Install headers on 2010 Camaro SS

DIY: High Flow Catalytic Converters Installation

DIY: Shorty Headers 2011 LS3 V8

DIY: ADM Scoop & Apex Washer Tank Installed with a CAI intake

DIY: 2010+ Camaro SS Fuel Line Retrofit

DIY: 2010-11 SS Heater Hose 2012 Update

DIY: Replacing the Starter (LS3 and/or L99)

Engine Mounts Installation Tutorial

Valve Lifter Replacement (With AFM).pdf

Camaro V6 LLT Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons
Bolt-Ons | Intakes | Exhaust
DIY: V6 Mace ported IM/25mm spacer/porting heads install

DIY: 1LE Oil Separator install on a V6

DIY: Add a Clean-side PCV Connection to the V6 Vararam

DIY: CAI Intake, Scoop, & Washer Bottle w/ CUSTOM BRACKET & MRTv2's Install

Camaro V6 LFX Engine, Exhaust, and Bolt-Ons
For all LFX related parts
DIY: CAI Intake, Scoop, & Washer Bottle w/ CUSTOM BRACKET & MRTv2's Install

DIY: 1LE Clean Side Separator on LFX

Forced Induction - V8
V8 Supercharger, turbo, nitrous discussions

Forced Induction - V6
V6 Supercharger, turbo, nitrous discussions

Tuning / Diagnostics -- engine and transmission
Tune and diagnostics for engines and auto/manual transmissions
How to remove the PCM on a 2010+ Chevy Camaro

JRE SCT X3 Custom Tune Instructions (Revision 6)

V8 and V6 Transmissions / Driveline (6L80 / 6L50 / TR6060 / AY6)
Driveshafts | Differentials | Gears | Rearends | Clutch | Shifters
DIY: Disable 2013 HSA (Hill Start Assist)

DIY: Hurst Short Throw Shifter Install - Pix and Video

DIY: Short throw shifter by modifying stock shifter *WARNING* This is long

DIY: 4L80-e complete swap guide. (With part #s)

DIY: Complete Rear bushing and 3.91 gear swap

Mechanical Maintenance: Break-in / Oil & Fluids / Servicing
Discussions on mechanical maintenance and servicing of your Camaro
How to jack up a new camaro with a floor jack, and jack stand locations

The "Catch Can" Explained!

DIY: V8 Oil change

DIY: V6 Oil Change

DIY: PCV Catch Can Installation

DIY: LFX Intake Manifold / Valve Cleaning

DIY: Seafoam a Camaro LLT V6

DIY: Changing Rear Differential Fluid

DIY: How to change Your Cabin Air Filter

Suspension / Brakes / Chassis
All suspension, brakes and chassis discussions.
DIY: Trailing Arm Install

DIY: Trailing arms outer bushing removal

DIY: Trailing Arm Install without a bushing tool

DIY: Lowering Springs Installation (more pics)

DIY: Install your own Drop Springs (C5 Camaro)

How To: Adding the Factory Strut Brace to your 2010 Camaro

DIY: change Brake Pads/ rotors (Brembos)

DIY: V6 Changing Rotors & Brakes

DIY: Brake line replacement & Brake bleed; Step by step


DIY: Make your own cradle bushing inserts

DIY: Rear Differential Mounts

Audio, Video, Bluetooth, Navigation, Radar, Electronics Forum
All audio, video, bluetooth, nav, radar, and electronics discussions.
Headunit/Speaker Related
DIY: ******** 5 Channel Total System Enhancement Package Install

DIY: Installing front speakers LOTS OF PICS

DIY LOC input harness for rear speakers (No cutting, no splicing)

DIY: Speaker Install

DIY: How to Stop Rear Speaker Rattle

DIY: PDIM + USB Port installation

DIY: Upgrade to outside heated mirrors

DIY: Raptor Shift Light Install

DIY: iPad Dash Mount without center speaker

How To: Enable your factory radio to add Bluetooth or hookup radar detectors etc

DIY: hard wire radar detector on dash

DIY: side camera

DIY: Changing LEDs in Speed/Tach Gauge

How to: running wires into/through the door

DIY: Installing steering wheel audio and phone controls on Camaro

How to install Ofer's backup camera retrofit

DIY: Aftermarket (non-GM) Back Up Camera

DIY: constant 12v for cigarette lighter socket

DIY: Installing/Retrofitting HUD into your camaro

DIY: Constant Hot Power Outlet (Add A Circuit)

DIY: Adding Power to the Passenger Seat

DIY: ADM boost gauge install

DIY: Changing the LEDs in the Radio/Headunit

DIY: Curb Alert Pro Install

DIY: Cruise Cancel Button to Control Line Lock


Cosmetics and Lighting Modification Discussions
External and Internal cosmetics modifications.
Painting / Plasti-Dipping
DIY: Engine Cover Painting

DIY: How to Plastidip your Camaro Rims

DIY: Paint Your Own Bowties

DIY: Paint your interior ABL Trim Panels
2014 Heat extractor on a 2010-2013 hood

DIY: SSX bowtie (aka the Z/28 flowtie)

DIY: Installing a Color Matched XM antenna

DIY: Make your own front Mud Flaps

DIY: Pinstripe the outer edge of your Wheels

DIY: Remove outside door handle

DIY: No Drill GM Dovetail Spoiler (3M)

DIY: Fog Light Bezel Removal

DIY: 3D carbon fender vents installed

DIY: Heritage Grille Install - (Remove and Reinstall Front Bumper/Fascia)

DIY: Installing ORACLE Concept LED Side Mirrors from AAC

How to: OEM Ground Effects Install

DIY: Front Fascia Remove/Install

DIY: Video Rear fascia Removal

DIY: Stock Side Skirts Removal and Installation of ZL1 side skirts

DIY: Stock Rear Diffuser Removal (non-GFX)

DIY: ZL1 Diffuser Install

Front License Plate (No drill method)

DIY: Quarter Panel Gill Inserts
Exterior Lighting

DIY: NightOwl DRL Halos

DIY: on adding outside door handle lighting

DIY: "Scare free" Afterburners


DIY: Sequential Taillights for approx $20

DIY: Lighted Engine Cover w/ "Colorshift" LEDs

DIY: Non RS headlight to RS headlight conversion + Front Bumper Removal

DIY: Install LED SWITCHBACK TURN SIGNALS White DRL and Amber Blinker in one! For RS

DIY: Installing AAC's High Power Reverse Lights

How to: Install HID Fog Lights LS/LT

DIY: LED Night Rider Scanner V2.0 install pics

DIY: Color Changing Halos for Under $20
DIY: Interior dash trim and door panel / door trim removal instructions

DIY: Door Panel Removal and Reinstall

DIY: How to Remove A/C Vent Bezels On a Camaro

DIY: Removing the trim bezel on a 2012 steering wheel

DIY: How to Change the Faces and Gauges to your Speedo/Tach/Aux Gauge Set

DIY: DSV Parking Brake Leather Boot Install

DIY: Manual leather boot install on auto shifter

DIY: Center Console Arm Rest Install

DIY: Retrofit 2012 camaro dash into a 2010 car

DIY: Changing The Steering Wheel

DIY : M6 shift knob removal on a 2013

DIY: Installing 2013 Door Pulls into a 2010 or 2011 Camaro
Interior Lighting

DIY: How to mount accessory switches in the cup holder area

DIY: LED Footwell Lighting with Dimmer Switch

How to: wire rear seat footwell lighting

How to: Wire Footwell Lighting

DIY: Door light projector "CAMARO"

How to: install an adapter ZL1 harness

DIY: Footwell Lighting Install - Dome/Toggle Switch

DIY: Trunklighting with an LED strip **EASY!!**

DIY: Make your dome light any color (PDF file)
Ambient Lighting
DIY: Dash ABL Install Version 1

DIY: Camaro Dash ABL Install - GM Parts House

DIY: ABL using EL wire, and 3/16" tube

DIY: Changing the color of your ambient lighting (ABL)
Cosmetic Maintenance: Washing, Waxing, Detailing, Bodywork, Protection
Anything related to keeping your Camaro clean and in good cosmetic condition.
Washing and Detailing for Newbies

Junkman's "How To Care for Your Vinyl Stripes"

Junkman's, The Mother of All "How to Fix Your Paint for Novices" Thread!

A Novice + Rotary Polisher = Step Inside...

HOW TO VIDEO: Caring for Factory Camaro Stripes

How to: Properly Remove Dust without Scratching Up Your Paint - The Videos

Adam's Quick Reference Detail Guide PDF

HOW TO: Detail Your Engine Bay

HOW TO: Clean Your Wash Pads

DIY: Video - GT Yellow Fog Light Protection Kit

Miscellaneous DIYs
DIY: Fix Your Broken Seat Warmer

DIY: Assembling and Disassembling of the Key Fob

DIY: Adding YOUR car to YOUR Tom Tom

Plast-Dip Application Tips

Click to view my build thread

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