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Bought used Camaro with previous tune - voided warranty?

No, this didn't happen to me. Mine was NEW. But, it's bound to happen to someone soon.

With USED Camaros popping up on dealer lots, there are bound to be some that appear stock but have previously been tuned, either by a professional or a novice with a programmer.

Even if the previous owner who tuned one of these set the car back to stock tune before trading it in, GM can still (supposedly) see that. So, if a subsequent owner has a warranty claim denied because of a tune that they knew nothing about, can they claim ignorance?

I know if I bought a used Camaro and had this happen, I'd be

So, who would be responsible here? If the used Camaro was a private party purchase, I'd think that the previous owner could be sued in civil court for the diminished value of the car and by not divulging that the car had been tuned. But, if the car was a trade in, should the Chevy dealers be checking for this and somehow "erasing" the fact that the car was ever tuned?
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