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New Aluminum and Carbon Fiber Driveshafts coming soon

That's right folks, more products coming out of design stages.

I'm working on our Camaro Driveshaft designs and will have 2 driveshafts out on the market by late winter or early spring.

These will be one piece driveshafts and will be different then anything on the market.

We supply billet pinion yokes with our driveshafts, that way it gets rid of all the adapters and couplers to provide a nice smooth ride with no vibrations.

We have had great success with our GTO one-piece driveshafts and will carry on the one-piece designs with the new Camaro. I encourage anyone to go see how our one piece carbon fiber driveshafts are working out for the GTO guys

Don’t let anyone tell you that a one-piece shaft won’t work, ours work perfect!

As far as strength, our carbon fiber driveshafts are SFI approved and have been dyno tested to 2800 ft lbs of torque and 10,000 rpms!
Carbon Fiber driveshafts also greatly reduce driveline shock and will help your driveline live a long life

Our Aluminum shafts will have a 850hp rating and our Carbon fiber shafts will have a 1000+ hp rating.

No pricing as of yet but will be out soon.

I'll get some photo's up soon, these shafts are a really innovative design and I'll be proud to show them off.

Chris @ Gforce Engineering

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