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Certainly. We are going to be putting something official together, but I can fill you in on some info.

Essentially, there are a couple of reasons to install these. The first is if you have maxed out the OEM adjustment on the front camber bolts. The lower the ride height, the more camber correction you will need to dial in for the suspension to keep things aligned and maintain a good contact patch with the road surface, for street driving. These camber plates we are producing will provide well over an extra degree of negative adjustment.

The second reason is for quicker, more repeatable camber adjustments. If you are taking your car to an autocross, or a track day event, then it is very beneficial to be able to drive you car there, on a camber value better suited for street driving, and then dial camber in and out quickly at the track (with out having to take the wheel off etc), with more track friendly negative camber values, that are repeatable.

Look for more info soon in the future, as we are anticipating a Feb. 1st availability date. Thank you for inquiring!
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