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Originally Posted by kencarguy View Post
I have been after GM Customer Service for several mionths, getting nowhere with GM Double-speak and non-answers, until last Thursday when a rep from GM called and said the had been in touch with Tech Services. They do not have a "fix" yet, and would not comment whether they have heard from others about this p[roblem. The good (?) news is that they offered to send me a letter of component coverage, basically extending my 3yr / 36,000 mi warranty to cover any issues relating to the
Suspension up to a total of 60 months from the purchase date, or 75k miles from current mileage ( 5k now)...... At least it is something! I am waiting to see what this letter says. I will posty again when I get it.

I rthink we all should demand at least this response from GM- to stand behind their product, until they recognize the problem exists, and re-engineer to correct it.

Thanks for continuing to share your experiences with this annoying problem.

Is your noise in the front or the rear?

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