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Ya its 35% but there not to bad around here on tint laws but Im sure I will get some attention but hopefully the cops give me some slack because my car looks good lol, ya it wasnt to hard to take the rings out at all just take off that little access panel when you open the trunk and they just kinda snap out I just stuck a bone (hard thin piece of plastic) under the bottom and they popped right out maybe took ten min if that to get them out. And they dont really serve a purpose other than to have a lil trim around the lights, I took them out and rubbed them down with this stuff I found in my garage that takes any oils off so they didnt fish eye or anything and painted them with black gloss rust oleum and they came out really good, I also painted my bowtie with it and it came out good too heres a pic of that its been raining but I took a quick shot anyway

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