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Originally Posted by AFSNightrod View Post
Sorry to get off topic for a minute, but concerning the GT500: I went to Freedom Ford in Newport News, VA asking about the car in early 2006. They told me straight to my face that MSRP started at 42K, and that they would be marking it up to somewhere around 65K due to demand. What kind of work ethic is that? I hope the local Chevrolet dealerships are not like that.
I was actually going to mention something like this myself, but wasn't sure if it really fits since it's a Ford dealership.

I was out with a female friend the other day looking for a used truck for her. While at the dealership walking around with the dealer that came out to pester us, I commented that I myself was waiting for the Camaro. (He didn't really say much about it other than I heard something about $60,000 and I had to correct him that it should be in line with the Mustang's pricing.)

Anyway, he mentioned they had just sold a GT500 for $15,000 OVER MSRP.

I chuckled and told him I'd NEVER pay over MSRP for a vehicle. His response, of course, was that I will for that Camaro. I just told him I'd wait a while before getting one, because I refuse to pay over msrp. Conversation ended there pretty much. At least regarding the Camaro it did.

So don't use Lilliston Ford in Vineland, NJ if you don't want a markup on anything.
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