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No Marino? then who is that wanker at #6???

My top 7 NFL QB's of all time... after all is said and done....

1. Tim Tebow

Just kidding.

1. Peyton Manning - I know he isn't there yet, but I think he wins another 2 (including this years) Superbowls. You give me another QB and I'll tell you something wrong with him. Elway leaned on the run game. Montana was a system QB. Marino couldn't win a SB. Unitas never proved himself against the level of competition that plays today.

2. Dan Marino - I know he couldn't get to the super bowl, but he had the best arm in the history of the NFL. You give him Jerry Rice and the 49er's D and you'll see who has 4 SB rings.

3. Montana. - Can't argue with the ice man. 4th quarter, who would you rather have with the ball?

4. John Elway - Common. He's John Elway.

5. Brett Farve - Leadership, consistency and his recent success with the Vikings makes me think if he had better WR's in Green Bay he'd have more than 1 SB.

6. Tom Brady. - I hate you Tom Brady.

7. Johnny Unitas - He built the passing game, and for that he deserves credit... but put him on an NFL roster today and you think he still dominates like he did? Not a chance.
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