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Originally Posted by MB2010CC View Post
It may be a small detail but the black door handles on the white 'Maro looks freaking sick!!!
Originally Posted by fierodeletre View Post
Did you notice the mirrors and spoiler were black too? I shouldn't, but I kinda dig it, too...
Seeing that the pic of the white Camaro is a pre-production SS/RS, the door handles, and the spoiler when it comes to production will also be white of course.

I'm still leaning towards white or silver, but IOM is really starting to catch my eye. I want to see it with better lighting or in person.

but as of right now I'm leaning towards these three colors
1) White LT/RS black leather w titanium interior
2) Silver LT/RS black leather w titanium interior ot IO optional interior
3) IOM LT/RS w IO optional interior

I'm going to wait and see how they look in person and see how much the final price will be with the IO optional interior package. I'm assuming it's going to cost around 1k.
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