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Originally Posted by Blue70SS View Post
I've installed Pfadt's sway bars and rear diff poly mounts so far. Coil overs and 16 piece poly control arm bushings/sleeves coming soon. Sway bars made a huge improvement and from posts I've read, meeting with Pfadt at SEMA, calls to their staff, etc - they are a top notch company with well engineered products. They also don't overload you with meaningless discussions, but rather explain in terms everyone can understand (but will get deep into engineering IF your looking that direction and ask for the DEEPER details). Aaron always seems to think his responses out before opening his mouth too - doesn't make quick off the cuff posts in the fury of the discussion like another vendor does. He releases products, install instructions, and makes posts AFTER they are well thought out and doesn't get emotional.... very level headed. I don't think you can go wrong with Pfadt - and USA made for a bonus!
Thanks! Glad to see that our efforts to provide intelligent useful information are appreciated. We have staff on this forum every day. Feel free to ask questions, we're happy to help

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