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Originally Posted by 1coolcamaro View Post
Are the tail lamps PAINTED or DIPPEDlike real chrome ??
It looks like you clear coated them on that red board ? You can call
ALSA Corp and buy Black Chrome in a spray can , and save $$$$$.
Us Camaro owners work to hard for our MONEY, to pay some of the high
prices that some of you guys put on these parts.

They are plated plastic. I use a black/clear on them. Well call Alsa corp buy the rattle can of black chrome and post YOUR OWN thread with your results. I work REAL HARD for my MONEY also. If you think this is high considering the NEW bezels alone are $78 retail so minus $140 from that and that leaves $62 yep thats alot of PROFIT in painting those and the cost of materials. So i don't think i'm ONE of the guys that's putting HIGH prices on anything i sell.
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