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Originally Posted by SamIyam View Post
It would be interesting to hear from the engineer that designed that part and see what he has to say about it's function.

The ribs in the stock one tell me that it has more to do with preventing the overall piece from bending (thus preventing the sides of the tunnel from twisting in a longitudinal plane) than it does preventing each side from shifting fore and aft.

Here's something to think about... if you can bend the stock one in any particular direction, that more than likely is not the direction that the part is trying to prvent the body from moving.
I was thinking the same thing. I suspect the part is there to act as a driveshaft and exhaust pipe safety loop - not as a tunnel brace.

Solved the same exhaust clearance problem on a G8 by adding 3/8 in spacers between the tunnel and the plate.
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