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Originally Posted by fireresq157 View Post
Seing how long it took them with the coupe I deceided not to wait. I kept dreaming they would come out at the same time, but figured GM would go with the correct buissness option. Once they announced the second delay for the convertible that was it for me, back then the coupe was still a few months away. I've been driving my car since July and it looks like another year and a half for the vert and even then there is nothing in stone.
GM has been very quiet about the vert. Maybe these non-GM "leaks" about delays are about breaking some of our resolve and "forcing" us into buying the coupe. Then the sneaky lil turds will "pop" out the vert--""SURPRISE"--hoping we'll buy that too.

The Z28 fans are experiencing even move doubts about their dream car and speculation is also similar; GM wants to sell more coupes to the holdouts, hoping they will buy instead of waiting on a "possible" Z model

And then again, maybe it's just honest SOP with supplier delays, production issues, etc.

I wish we could just get a little more official news (or even unofficial news from those C5 members in the know--YOU KNOW who you are)
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