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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
Hey Justin,

Color, not critical... I can paint...
Concept, or
Realistic 2010...
and what your asking for it...

I am certainly interested, but I do not want a concept die cast, I'ld rather have a realistic 2010.

Let Me Know...

PM sent.

Originally Posted by PnCRedJwl2SS View Post
Ok, everybody...I spoke with the manager at Boston's again today. She says they are willing to give it a try this weekend and she is ok with us reserving the 10 spots right in front of the patio area for Friday night--but there is a catch...

Friday nights are very busy there, and their Happy Hour runs from 4-7PM, so people start arriving very early. She can't guarantee our spots, but she did say that if we are willing to send someone out early in the day (say around 3:30 - 4PM) with cones and some tape (and signs--"These Spots Reserved For Camaro5 Club"), she would be fine with us setting those out there to reserve the spots. Only two conditions:
  1. Whoever sets up needs to stop in and let the Manager (Susan) know we are there to set up before starting.
  2. We cannot block the exit of any vehicle(s) that might already be parked in those spots.

So...given these conditions/restrictions...are you still interested in meeting at Boston's this Friday, or should we try a different location?

Let the comments begin!
That seems a bit early...
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