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I got the Pedder's Extreme Street suspension system on the car yesterday and had it installed by Mike Haddad at Haddad Motorsports in Los Angeles. He and his crew did a great job including a full chassis alignment and lowering the car.

My first impressions are "wow". What a difference. All the sponginess and squirm of the suspension feels gone. When accelerating you can feel the difference in the back of the car; it seems to accelerate quicker now. Handling and steering are precise, crisp and a joy. The car rides very well and you especially notice it over rough or uneven pavement where before it would squirm and "walk" around with bushing and suspension flex. Now it's solid; the suspension tracks the changes in the surface smoothly, precisely and there's no drama in the all.

The first two pics I apologize for; I took them with my iPhone under bad lighting but they show the Pedder's coilovers in the front and rear.

The next set of pics show the car right after I washed it today as it sits now, properly lowered.
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Blue Angel is here!!

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