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Another update:

After all these mods I've had done I decided to take the car today to a truck scale and get it weighed. I gassed up with a full tank and it now weighs 3,789.8 lbs. I never weighed it when it was stock (which I should have) but assuming the factory advertised weight of 3,860 lbs stock, I've eliminated 70.2 lbs of weight and almost all of that is reduced unsprung weight.

The car feels quite different now. When accelerating it slams you back in the seat and leaps forward which is different than before when I first got it where the acceleration felt like I was pushing against a headwind. I'm loving this car more and more and more.

I still have the rear rotors on order and I've almost got a deal going for a group buy for a 1-piece carbon fiber driveshaft which should eliminate more unsprung rotational weight as well as improve the efficiency of delivering power to the differential.

Just a few more mods, then paint details and I'll be done. I love this car!

Blue Angel is here!!

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