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Originally Posted by FISHTAIL View Post
If you can afford the extra $$ the catback is the way to go. From what I've seen from personal experience and what I've read in the forum, to eliminate the V6 raspines completely you got to replace the resonator. In this, Magnaflow and Corsa do a pretty good job, but Magnaflow seems to have the deeper sound of the two.

I love driving with the windows down and the sunroof opened just to enjoy the sound
I finally have the sound to back up the looks

The other day I passed an SS and the driver looked king of puzzled, probably couldn't figure out why my V6 sounded better than his V8.
Have you listened to the video of the Magnaflow axle back installed? Sure its just some quick revs sitting still, but thats usually when the raspiness rears its ugly head the most...but when under a load the raspiness usually isn't quite as bad (from what Ive seen). Well, I thought it also did not seem to have much rasp at all. It just didn't sound quite as low as your catback....but then again it wasn't far off, and when you take into consideration all of the variables (camera/microphone used, wind noise, surroundings, etc.) maybe there isn't much of a difference at all.

Thats what I'd like to know, but just never probably will know.

In that case, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE scrming's idea above about taking sound clips all from one source! Actually getting everyone to meet in one place and do it might be difficult to pull off, but it would make for the ultimate exhaust video comparison.
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