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I'm in the same boat man, I'm looking at an '06 Z06 or ordering the Camaro. Price doesnt really come into it. I just am trying to figure out which way it goes.

I think the deciding factor is going to be if, or if not i can get the 427 block in the camaro from factory. if not, i think i'll end up getting a vette.

the other thing i've looked at is, what the cars actually mean.....See i think... again think i want a Muscle car.... in which case i'm all for the Camaro... the Camaro is a muscle car hands down. no questions asked.

Where the Vette I see as more of a hyper car. its the top end......

So the question back to you, what are you looking to compete with? Mustangs/Challengers or Porsches/Maseratis?
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