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Its been a long time since I have posted but this is something I cannot pass up as I believe it is a good mod to do.

I couldn't get through to Chris at Fessler either, which in turn worked out better I believe. As I found Talk with Mike he is one of the best guys to do business with very prompt with his emails as well. Anyway he gave me a good deal and he picked up all four brakes for me already. Plus he has a massive selection of powder coating colors including RJT aka Montery Red for you Corvette guys. For those who plan on doing this mod and going to put on a different rotor, pads and line I would not go with Fessler as you will be better off buying the items seperatly and Mike will give you a great deal.

Also for those who do not want to trim the back brake plate you can get these two items as well.

92227529 Driver side rear brake backing plate.
92227530 Passenger side rear brake backing plate.

Thanks to pewterz for getting this going and showing who easy and cheap it is.
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