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think of it like this.

Originally Posted by a12ozbottle View Post
Well I think Fbodfather said the Mustang was their goal as far as price goes, so hopefully they hit it and we get a great deal.
Originally Posted by JeanBond21 View Post
Everybody has their assumptions but I would have to say that yours is among the most reasonable. From the little tid bits we've heard, we kinda expect the SS to start out at about $29,995. R/S package wont be as expensive for the SS because the SS already has some of the features the R/S gives so you could be looking at $900-1000 for the R/S on an SS. Fully loaded which is the sunroof and R/S and all that stuff will wont even come close to touching $40,000 from what Fbotfather said (look at my signature). So I agree with your $33,000 ballpark. I still wouldnt mind $35,000-$36,000 though.
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Thanks for the info guys. 35-36K is just outside my price range but if Iím that close I'll have to look under the cousins of the couch to find the rest lol
Originally Posted by headpunter View Post
that price is high we have consistantly heard that it will be comparably priced to the mustang. we should know more on the 13th

Guys when the father said it would be priced comperably with the mustang, you need to realize there are three diff trim levels to the mustang, LX, GT, GT500. So one would suspect that the three different trim levels will be priced to compete with these three other trim levels. Now it has also been stated that the SS will not be 40K, that it will be very affordable. However that is probubly refuring to the base SS not one that is maxed out on oppions. S0 think of it like this. Base SS 29-32k, SS2 package 5-7K, RS package 2-3K, then add tax and all the other goodies.
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