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Originally Posted by Tom Henry Racing View Post
I know this thread is totally hijacked, but the FBod father has had a few forays in cars too........... to those who are at the Camaro 5 event I will relate the story of said Z06 if wanted, that is if I arrive safely as i am riding in from JAX in a rental with Fbod driving . Next PQ and ShnoMac, I would be glad to have you in the clan when you are ready... I now have 10 superchargers in stock so we are ready to do install on GTAHVITs car and hopefully bring the build thread back on track.
Originally Posted by ShnOmac View Post
I would love to be part of the clan.... As soon as I no longer work for Uncle Sam and earn a real paycheck Some day down the line I WILL be part of the clan though
So will I. I can't let Chris have all the fun. lol
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