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I don't have photos, but I figured I'd add my vehicle history to the mix. We can turn this into a vehicle history thread.

1986 Chevy Celebrity-Shared it with my then-stepdad, got stolen out of our driveway, was involved in a high speed persuit(how?), flipped, and burned to the ground. All that was left was the front plate.

1985 Chevy Caprice-$400, 305 V8, that thing was a tank. I learned to drive in the snow with it. I used to drift corners to try and clip snow banks with the ass end. Had it while I had the next 4 vehicles. Sold it for $400.

1984 Monte Carlo-$700 but I only ended up giving the guy $500. It had a 4 bolt 350 with a built top end. The tranny went after a month andspun a rod bearing. Sold it to a guy for $400 and a...

1982 Plymouth reliant- Car was yellow with a primer left quarter panel. I didn't have keys for the doors. All but the headlights would flicker on and off and I had to punch the dash to get them to come back on. Sold it for $50 to a friend.

1987 Subaru station wagon- traded a Cobra CB radio that came in the Monte Carlo for it. Great car. Had 255000 on the odometer. Blown radiator so I ran with the heat cranked. it never overheated. Had duct tape over the rust on the rear quarter panels. Exhaust was full of leaks and even had a can of cream corn and a flex pipe. Front differential locked up on the highway on the way to the beach. I let the tow truck take it to the junkyard to get what I could so I was charged nothing.

1986 Toyota pickup- Free for housesitting for my neighbor for a week. I loved that truck. Hit black ice and trashed two wheels on a curb. Put my Cragar S/S wheels off my Monte Carlo on it. I ended up selling it to a friend of mine for $100.

1989 Camaro RS- $2500.350 Truck motor. Still had factory TBI and a 350 turbo tranny. Pretty strong runner. I had that car for three years. By the time I got rid of it there was no exhaust past the cat, and the shocks and springs were shot. I should have kept it and fixed it. It was clean and rust free. Traded it like a dumbass for a Civic

1987 Mazda RX-7- $1700. Had no options whasoever except for AC. Was an absolute blast to drive but lost coolant all the time. Had to fill it twice a day. Sold it to a friend for $800 when I joined the army.

1997 Honda Civic-traded my Camaro towards it. It was my fast and the ferocious moment/stupidest mistake of my life. I was 20. I was following a friend to his house doing under the speed limit when I hydroplaned in the rain and ran into a guardrail doing 35. It totalled the front end. I had the junkyard take it away. I didn't have insurance. It took me 2 1/2 years to pay off.(lesson learned the hard way).

1989 Formula Firebird-$2000 off ebay when I was deployed in 2003. Had a 1991 TPI 350 out of a GTA and LT1 Camaro leather seats. Pretty fast car. Blew the tranny twice. The second time I was just married and home on leave. I left it with my mom to sell it and keep what she could get out of it. She sold it for $1000. I had furniture that my mom was giving me, so I went out and bought a...

2000 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4. Big black extended cab New England edition. Sat higher than most 3/4 tons stock. I deployed three months after I got it. My wife pretty much learned to drive in that truck. Put a Gibson dual exhaust on it. Sounded awesome. It was a great truck, but $60 for a tank of gas was not. Traded it for my...

Current ride, a 2001 Navy blue metallic Trans Am. I got it in October 2005 with 32,000 miles on it. It has a SLP intake and lid, and tomorrow my Magnaflow cat-back will be installed. I'm probably going to keep it until I buy a house. Then I will probably trade it for a next-gen muscle car.

Anybody else got interesting vehicle stories?
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