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Well I'd like to say I've only owned Chevy's, I have had a few "winter" cars that were not. No jap crap though, not even for the junkers, well here is the list, chronologically, best that I can remember. Many were owned concurrently in that one was my "hot rod" and the other took me to and from school and work.

1970 Pontiac Catalina - first car $100, lasted 2 months before the timing chain went, wasn't worth fixing
1978 Camaro - rotted so bad you could get your arm into the trunk from either side where the quarters had rotted bottom up, dumped this one after 6 months
1977 Monte Carlo - clean on the inside, rotted on the outside, ended up being a winter car for a few years after I bought my...
1972 Chevelle - 350, 4 speed, 12 bolt, nice 50 footer visually but ran strong and was pretty cool for a 17 year old who bought it with his own hard earned money (owned from '88-'92)
1976 Monte Carlo - bought for $25 (no motor, no tranny, no doors but it had a rust free front clip that I put on my '77)
1976 Granada - what a pile, but it got me through the winter, I think I got pulled over like 6 times that winter season (it needed exhaust and I refused to a put a dime into it) plus I was 19 with long hair
1977 Newport - another pile, another winter
1976 Nova - never titled or registered, just drove in the demolition derby
1977 Caprice - again never titled or registered, just drove in the derby
1980 Camaro - super clean when I got it but ended up driving it through a couple of winters while in college
1977 Z28 - 4 speed, nice and clean, sold it to get the '71 Vette (owned from '93-'95)
1988 TBird - daily driver, price was right and it had every option you could think of except a moon roof
1971 Corvette - 355, 4 speed, had this one over 5 years, possibly the fastest car I've owned, later sold it to buy a bigger house for the family (I miss this car, owned from '96-'02')
1992 S10 Blazer 4wd 2dr high mileage rot box but ran good
1994 z28 - nice car but it was an automatic in case the wife had to drive (owned '03-'04)
1992 Lumina - another pile with over 190,000 on it when I bought it, ended up with 225,000 when I sold it
1998 Lumina - actually was really clean

Current rides are listed under my ID
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