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1978 Chevy C1500 P/U - This truck survived my older brother, me and my younger brother. Glad cars can't talk.

1969 Z-28 w/ RS Options Original 302 DZ #matching car. Bought it in 1983 for $4000 and sold it 1986 for $ married and moved to go to Grad school. Thought I did well...wish I had it today.

1984 Chevy C1500 P/U

1991 Lumina Euro - first full size family car.

1994 Z28
- Fun car.

1997 Ford Expedition - Wife's vehical....was a good truck. What can I say...we had a mixed marriage. Her dad was always a Ford truck man...but now I have converted her.

2000 Chevy C1500 Z71...Still drive today. Just turned 110K miles and have not had one mechanical issue. Change the oil, put in gas and drive it.

1967 AC Cobra (Replica - Everett Morrison Kit) 351 Cleveland bored .30 over, ford 4-speed top-loader, 4.11 gears. Car weighed about 2100 and had 430 RWHP. Wicked quick but dangerous as hell. It was like riding a four wheeled Harley. In high speed sweeper turns you had to be careful becuase if the road was bumpy the rearend was so light it would hop out on you. Sold it in 2001 to some guys from England who were over here doing the Gumball Ralley. They blew up the tranny in the Ferrari they were driving and needed a car to keep going. Picked up the AC Corbra from me and blew the motor the next day trying to outrun the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. Clocked them at 135 and they were headed to the state line which was 15 miles away up in the panhandle region. Texas DPS was waiting for them...Lucky bastards spent two hours in jail. The cops figured out what they were doing (Gumball) and let them go...not even a ticket. If that had been me I'd still be in jail. They lead a charmed life is all I can say.

2002 Z06 Corvette...Went through a couple of transformations. First an LPE Head / Cam package with all the bolt ons ....430 RWHP. Drove it for about a year and wanted more. LPE Stage II Twin Turbo...too many mods to its peak it had about 650 RWHP....too much for the street. Not fun rolling into the gas in 4th gear and breaking the tires loose at 100MPH and getting sideways. Turned the boost down to about 600 RWHP and drove it every day the sun was out for about two years. Sold it in Feb 2006.

2002 Suburban - bought it for my wife at the same time as the Z06. The Chevy man was happy to see us coming that day.

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