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Originally Posted by Dragoneye View Post
1979 Camaro...the stripes are STILL there, with no problems beyond fading. Different materials, possibly...but I can't say I'm super worried about it. (even though I won't be striping my car)
How often do you wax your 1979 camaro and is it ke[t out of the sun most of the time? Vinyl stripes after so many years get very dry in hot/humid weather like we have in Miami, Florida. Couple that with waxing the car and rubbing around the edges once a week or more and after 5 years or so you will start seeing fading and or cracking if not both. The same goes with soft top convertible tops. They fade after years of being in the sun.. I will not be ordering with vinyl stripes and I will see who can do the best job painting in black or grey ones. WIth a clearcoat on top of the layer of paint, I wonder how that works? Do they have to strip the clearcoat down and sand the area the needs to be painted before applying the paint and then re-applying the clearcoat? Just curious..
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