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Things wrong with this article:
1) Late 4th gens still have great resale value; apparently someone liked the styling.

2) The GTO died because of poor marketing and family car styling.

3) Camaro's and Mustangs both have V-6 models and powerful V-8's. How do you say that the Camaro doesn't appeal to women or that it's only a "strutting muscle machine".

4) If the Mustang is doing well then how is there a smaller market for cars like this, obviously people want in on this action.

5) If insurance is an issue, get a V-6. Simple solution. People who want the muscle will sacrifice for it, especially if it means destroying a new Mustang GT in style.

6) 15mpg? The LS7 in the Vette gets more than that, the LS1 got 26mpg on the highway. Nice research...

7) Gas has broken the $2 mark in some areas just this week, there's an entire dollar gap in what you wrote in your article.

8) I guess those new Suburbans and Tahoes that GM made and are "Brontosauri" are disapprearing? I guess seeing so many BRAND NEW ones around town means nobody likes them?

9) People really enjoy the new styling, nothing more "out there" than what Ford did when they re-did the Mustang and most certainly not as bizarre as a 4-door Charger, which still seems to be doing rather well for DaimChr.

10) 'The enduring genius of Ford's Mustang is that it transcends testosterone--and the muscle car era. Fitted with a hi-po engine and stripes, it's a car that guys absolutely love. But it doesn't alienate women--and women are half the market, don't forget (and most guys have a woman in their lives who they'd prefer not to annoy with their choice of car). The previous generation (1994-2002) Camaro was an "in your face" kind of car--and so is this new one. You either love it--or you hate it.'

What were you on when you wrote that. How does a pony car with a v-6 model transcend testosterone but another one with similar options doesn't? Pull your head out of your butt. Women like Camaros just as much as they like Mustangs. The Ram Air Trans Am was in your face with the aggressive scoops. A Z28 Camaro or even SS with the small scoop were not really in your face. The styling isn't really that aggressive, instead more elegant. It's like going home with a classy girl and finding out she's a freak in bed. And people love or hate any car they see, how is it really different for the Camaro?

11) Cher shot that video on the U.S.S Missouri, not Iowa.

Thanks for all the accurate worth-while info in your article.

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