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On my current vehicle I have gold rally strips which go from the front of the hood ... over the roof .. and down the truck. They were put on back in 2000 and even though the car has mainly been stored in the garage, I noticed fading beginning about 4 years ago. This year, the 8th year for these vinyl decals, I've started to notice cracking and am now in the process of having them replace with new ones. Problem being is that it is very time consumming to do so and also, the paint underneath no longer matches the rest of the panels due to the fact that it has never been exposed to sun.

My bet for the camaro is to wait until the dealers start getting models for the showroon then have the body shop manager, a friend of mine, quote on what it would be to do the single stripe on the hood and trunk in silver metallic and leave it like that without the hockey stripes on the side. I'm guessing, but I think it sould come in around the $500 - $600 Canadian range. Hey, if this allows me to ge 20 years out of it, ... I think it would be well worth the expense!
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