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Originally Posted by Outlaw_SS View Post
Ford's claim to be the best selling truck is not even accurate when you add Chevy truck sales to GMC truck sales....the combined sales number blows Ford away.
Correct, because Ford as a company only had one brand, the Ford brand, that builds trucks. GM has Chevy and GMC. There numbers are and ALWAYS HAVE BEEN skewed due to this fact. Put Ford against GM and they will no longer have that big 'advantage' they claim to have.
Originally Posted by Camaro gal View Post
PQ does the seat move up far enough for you to touch the pedals? LMAO!

I LOVE GM vehicles, and particularly Chevy's, but would buy any GM vehicle if I had the $$...Hopefully, one day, soon enough, a 5th Gen CAMARO! Dave_O
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