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Without a doubt, this movie gets . (two thumbs up)

I'd love to get into detail, but I don't want to spoil it for everyone else. I'll tell you right now, it was awesome w/ Bumblebee and both Camaros. There was a great chase scene (I won't tell you with whom!!!). The Camaro alone did not make this movie. It was a combination of everything.

I loved Transformers as a kid. When I saw this trailer one day in the theater, I freaked out. In fact, I still remember seeing the trailer and I thought, "My God. I have to wait another year before it's out...good grief." It was worth the wait. There is the Camaro which is awesome. There's some great comedy, increadible CGI animation (at one part, the camara shot seriously looked like it was real life), a great love interest w/ Sam and the girl, and the theme of the movie was great. All around, this was the perfect movie. There was really only one part I didn't like.

Mindz, PM w/ those two parts you didn't like when you get a chance. I want to see what is on your mind.

And, as far as how well the movie will do at the box office, it's going to soar to the top. This is an excellent movie for all age ranges. There were 7 and 8 year olds yelling "Megatron!" the first time they showed him. There were older couples as well whooping and holloring. It is simply appealing to all ages. Even better, this was the first time in maybe 15 years of going to the movies that people actually applauded countless times and yelled in happiness throughout the movie. It was non-stop and I loved every minute of it whereas normally, I just want poeple to BE QUIET. People just kept clapping and going was I!!! I'm going to see this movie again hopefully this week. This will be one DVD to own....which is what my wife said w/in the first 5 min. of the movie.

This movie was worth every penny. I will spend a bunch more pennies to go and see it again in the theaters. All in all, I'd have to say this is going to be my new favorite movie. Good job, Michael Bay and everyone else who worked to make this movie come to life!!!


And how about the soundtrack? Not bad, huh?!
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