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Originally Posted by JANNETTYRACING View Post
Maybe recommend a Sawsall instead of a torch for nice clean cuts, otherwise a decent job.

How is the Drone in the cabin?, you said you had to turn your radio up.

I agree on the Sawsall....I didn't like some of the welds as much either but then again it was a cheap job. I don't think performance was hindered in any way...just doesn't look as pretty. After all if you re-use your factory tips you can get it done for about the $250-$275 range.

I don't hear any drone that I can tell. It actually sounds really good to me. Then again I've only got about 70 miles on it so you'll have to give me some time to make sure it's not there.

Sorry...if I had a misunderstanding on the radio. I've actually been barely turning it up so I can hear the exhaust ...I like to listen to that right now. What I was meaning to say is that even if the radio is up some you can still hear it but not by very much. No need to turn up the radio....actually turn it down so you can hear it rolling through the gears.

Again...I think this basic setup whether you do it from a local shop or SOLO Mach-X or Magnaflow Comp Series is a very good choice for these cars. Of course I'm a little bias now.
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