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Originally Posted by Kyle.Gilmour View Post
There was about a month of emailing back and forth with Cody, figuring out exactly what I wanted. We scheduled the time we wanted to do it. I live in Austin and work in Virginia so I have the luxury of leaving it with them for 10 days at a time and not really missing it (physically), haha.
I dropped it off, they showed me around, started some other cars for me, then took me to the airport so I could go to work. Cody is keeping me up to date with pics of the build and some video and titilizing dyno numbers.. yes I said titilizing
They are picking me back up at the airport when I come to pick the car up as well.

You've intrigued me with this service... I work out of country, and actually fly out of Dallas... and they would have about thirty days to work on mine...I will be talking to you in person as soon as we can get hooked up either in San Antonio or Austin... thanks for the write up...

Only thing I see different is I want to go ahead with the cam and most likely forged lower internals... I told my wife to plan on 12 to 20 grand for the build... her response was... ok... I am about a year from doing it though...
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