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I picked mine up in early January and I can tell a difference in the paint from earlier production. Mine is in the 23,xxx mark and the paint is lighter than when I first seen them. Im wondering if over time and wearing a little on paint equipment and such the color seems to change, but Im just wondering. I went to the Indy show when GM brought different GM models to show off what paint colors were going to be available on the new Camaro's. They had a Solstice there that had the IOM on it and I fell in love with the color and stated that would be the color I would purchase when the time came. Then I went to Atlanta for G13 and GM had brought a Camaro in each color that was going to be available, and when I seen the IOM on the Camaro that they brought I changed my mind on the color and decided I was going to go with black again. The color was dark and unless you really looked close it appeared red which in my mind if I wanted red then I would buy red lol. Well looking around on the internet I found the exact car I was looking for originally and all I can say is the color is not the same as the one that was in Atlanta last May. It is way more vibrant and you can tell its orange not a variation of red. So needless to say after I seen the car and the color I reverted back to getting the IOM and I am extremely happy with it
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