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Its MINE so don't get any drool on the paint...

You'll get to see much more of it soon, we're still wrapping up the paint and some appearance stuff. Performance metrics will eventually get released but keep in mind that 0-60 etc times are usually limited more by traction than available HP so I wouldn't expect too much of an improvement over Hennesseys LS9 car in 0-60 times.

Those dyno numbers were made on 93 octane pump gas and the the tune is VERY conservative and has already shown that it holds up well to plenty of heat soak. Just a tic over 11psi of boost needed to throw down 740hp at the wheel! NICE! Its essentially the same build that will be used for the upcoming HPE1000 though we're keeping mine an 800 because they're graciously giving me a really nice warranty. (Its actually making 870 hp if you do the math!) Gotta say I'm VERY happy with the Hennessey folks and all the work they've put into building my car.

LOTS of good stuff went on this car and I can't wait to get it home and start driving it!
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