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Originally Posted by djsnoflake View Post
I still say something is fishy. If your marketing campaign only started 1 week early, your website should have pretty much been done, and like has been said before, what professional movie companies register a domain name with GODADDY? If this is your marketing budget, I expect that "D'jinn" is gonna be a straight to DVD movie?

Here's my take:

Being the car guy that you are, you know people are going batshit crazy for any Z/28 news. You get someone to get some "spy photos" of a mysteriously camo-ed car and put them out on Chevy sites. Other Auto sites pick up on the story of a possible Z/28 test mule, and all of a sudden, you have more free advertising than you could have ever possibly been able to afford.

Once again, I could be wrong, but the internet has made me skeptical of everything.

And I haven't driven my Camaro since Oct 30th, so I am going through severe withdrawl and am super grumpy :(

LOL. What's wrong with Godaddy? I guess hollywood people shouldnt visit Walmart either? Give me a break, Godaddy can register and host domains as well if not better than anyone else. Geesh.

And so what if he tapped into some viral marketing and created a buzz? It is working isn't it? Of course people want to create a stir without blowing money they dont have to. It is genius if you ask me.
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