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Originally Posted by Michael_Js View Post
Well, remove, as in completely? I took mine off when I put the rotors on, but did not disconnect the brake lines - local shop did that when they put on the Goodridge SS lines. 2 bolts on the back and they're off. Very simple...There is loctite on those suckers, and I couldn't fit my impac wrench behind them, so I used my torque wrench to get em off, and torque them back. The torque for the bolts that hold the Caliper to the knuckle is 30 ft lbs plus an extra 90 degrees. So, turn the bolt an extra 1/4 turn after the torque is at 30 ft lbs. Also, you should put blue loctite on those bolts. That is why they are so tough to remove. They have loctite on them from the factory.

Yea, completely, I am having them painted and need to ship them off. Do you like the Goodridge SS lines ?? I was looking at them also. Ok great thank you so much for the help. I appreciate it. Great, I can imagine blowing my knuckle open tryin to get these bolts off , hahaha......Thanks again
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