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Some good info.....but if you want the best deal....don't use the dealer financing, don't use a trade in and most importantly.....arrange financing before you even go to the dealership. You eliminate a lot of stress and headaches by arranging your financing through your own bank or credit bureau. Also....its best if you go alone. If you take someone with you, they will put you in an office and the salesman will keep giving you a little info, leave the room so you will discuss it while they listen in, come back talk a little more, and leave to listen in. This occurs at a lot of dealerships, but not all. If its not possible to go alone, don't discuss anything when the salesman leaves the room. If you need to discuss something, get up and walk out into the showrrom and discuss it where they can't hear you. If you don't believe me, play the game and try saying something, I'm thirsty....wonder if they have a bottled water or something to drink around here. My bet is the salesman will come back with it for you or ask you if you would like something to drink. My step dad and I like to do this during major holidays when we have family get togethers. We get bored so we go down to a local dealership, pretending to be interested in buying a car. My step dad didn't believe me that they did this. If anyone wants to hear some funny stories I can elaborate.

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