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Here are the things I'd like to see:

Short term:

1. Height adjustable front passenger seat (don't care if it is power or manual, just make it go up/down).
2. Rear seat reading lights (for those of us that actually carry passengers back there). Maybe from the B or C pillar instead of the roof.
3. More secure latch on folding back seat. Tends to need to be slammed closed to get the current latch to lock sometimes.
4. Better PDIM audio design...built in HDD or a way to keep from having to re-index songs at every start-up (without resorting to buying an Ipod).

1. Don't touch a damn thing!

Long Term:
1. Start figuring out how to put an "optional" performance version of the VOLT powertrain into the Camaro. [Don't bash me on this...looking out for those that want a great looking car without the stigma of being a gas-guzzler...]
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