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this is an awesome car and to keep it #1 I'd like to see the following:

1) better interior lighting without all the night vision problems, ie replace the dome light with targeted area beams, and light up the homeLink buttons.
2) driver memory at least for 2LT and 2SS
3) better gas cap holder
4) more "stop" positions for the doors
5) make the DRL for the RS package work like FOG lamps... on the very foggy nights the HID's will blind you. Maybe keep the DRL's on when you force only the parking lights to be on.
6) power passenger seat
7) Hud
8) gas used readout for the DIC
9) a "burnt" orange color with same dash/door trim color.
10) backup camera
11) forgot the automatic climate control shame on me.

going forward I for one would hate to loose any interior room... an inch lost in any direction would mean I wouldn't be able to fit and more importantly buy one.

keep the 5th gens going for at least the 2015 MY... I'd like to have twin 5th gens in 2015... my current 2LT as my winter beater and a 2015 convertable Z28 for my summer fun car.

Keep fuel door on passenger side... at first I didn't like the idea but it makes my life so much more easier now.
2010 2LT/RS RJT/grey automatic, midnight silver wheels.
Was a very fun ride for 64,004 miles in 5 years, 10 months, and 17 days. You will be missed.

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