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Hell yeah I'm Guilty.....
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C'Mon...its a MUSCLE car kids!! CUP HOLDERS???

heres what I want:

Stronger Axels, 1000 HP from the factory

A track pack link bar to firm up the rear end (similar to whats offered by the aftermarket guys now)

A better selection of factory headers and performance parts (NASTY cams, intakes, exhaust)

Lighter car with less understeer (suspension upgrades).

More engine choices (LS-9..ohhh baby)

A COPO option ready to run, No frills, radio and heater-A/C delete optional.(Body in white is out now and is an awsome idea)

Functional RAM AIR or Cowl Induction.

A bullet proof driveline!!!! (Anyone remember the M-22 Rockcrusher??).

Better guage placement, OR a hud. that would cure it!!!

Move the paddle shifters OFF the wheel and onto the column behind the wheel, ever try paddle shifting with the wheel at 90 degrees??? Very hard to road course race like that. On the column they would always be in an accessible spot regardless of wheel position, like the high end Euro cars.

Retro colors: a dark Forest Green, Lemans Blue or Marina Bay Blue, G.O.L.D..that gorgeous 67 Camaro GOLD!!!!! lighter color interiors: tan, white, bright blue.

Ability to custom tailor some of these options individually instead of every thing being a package deal!!!!! The old days you could order any array of stuff, thats why there are so many unique cars out there.

Finally: WARRANTY this stuff, GM sold me ALOT of performance parts and when something broke they stuck it to me as far as warranty. If you sell a performance car or parts....dont punish me when I use it that way!!!!!!

I absolutley love this car, make it better and the heavens will open up!!!

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