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I don't own my camaro yet, but I should by the end of the summer.

In any case, here are my suggestions:

1- height-adjustable passenger seat - my girlfriend could barely see over the hood when we rented the car, took a lot out of the cruising experience for her...

2- How about front sensors, the back ones are great, but once again, for shorter people that hood can be huge, even when driving.

3- Blind spot warning on the side mirror, like they have on the mazda 6 for example

4- I want to say a Nav system, but seeing as these are usually priced, I say don't bother unless you can keep the price relatively low

5- Performance options for the V6! I know a lot of people here will just scorn at this, but classic muscle car V8s belong to the 20th century, let's start building the future!

6- Leave the fuel door on its current side!! Much better IMO.

And also, thank you so much for your time!

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