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Don't get me wrong I love the Camaro, but it has some weaknesses.

#1 Please make it lighter and handle better.
#2 Upgrade the quality of the interior. Every time I sit in one I am amazed at the low quality materials. The dash should be the soft touch materials and something needs to be in that open area on the passenger side. And for god sake do something about those molded plastic sunvisors.
#3 Improve the visibility. Merging into traffic is treacherous because there is a huge blind spot.
#4 Offer a track pack with different gearing and upgraded suspension.
#5 Where is the Z-28? The GT-500 has no competition (besides a vette), that is a market share GM could grab.
#6 Don't compete with Ford, make Ford compete with GM, make the most badass car on the road and sell it in massive quantities.

The Camaro has sold well, but with the 2011 Mustang I believe the Camaro will be outsold, especially in the first month. In the 2010 model year the Camaro outsold the mustang because of superior power and styling, but lagged behind in handling and interior quality. Next year the mustang will have just as much horsepower as the Camaro along with a 6-speed and improved handling for the same price. The honeymoon is over, start thinking outside of the box and beat them to the punch and destroy the Mustang along with the American people's interest in Ford. If I have sounded offensive im sorry, I just want to see the Camaro excell to a new level sports car.
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