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Originally Posted by chevy4824 View Post
This sucks what should happen is people should stick with an american brand not go to some forein company i am no big fan of ford but i would still buy a ford before i buy a forein car. GM has had big success over the years and with this little trouble they are about to go bankrupted I think they should get rid of some of there lower sellin cars like Saab maybe Saturn (i want none of the GM family of cars to go but if they have to do it). Gas prices are starting to go down hopefully for a long time so that will help the American car companys out. I think this new warrenty will help GM out and the Camaro will help. This Hydro car phase will be done in 5 to 10 years just like in the 70's I just think that you should buy american cars unstead of the forien crap that people are buying
hmm lets see by american I assume you mean united states. because if you just say american you have to include every country in north american central america and south america. so then if you buy a car that's built in canada you are buying a forien car as you put it.

Also GM has other brands overseas not all of them are good brands. opel has several cars that are crap while having a few that are really good. holden is where the gto came from. I have never delt with vauxhall. but those three brands are gm.

OH and several of the new new suvs and cars have parts from places like china. the chevy equanox and the saturn vue have engines in them from china. gm is doing what it feels it needs to.

granted I don't agree with several of GM's moves but all we can do is tell them we don't like it and hope they listen. but there is really nothing wrong with a car from overseas. I've lived over there but owned a jeep. I have experience with opel and the van I got to spend a month driving sucked arse. it's worse then what people say about saturn. and I own a saturn. but yea. life goes on.
Originally Posted by fbodfather View Post
We do not want to use the Z28 moniker on a car that does not deserve this hallowed name.
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