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Some of you may recall that I spoke about the Camaro's performance in the snow last year right after I got "Thor."

He had a set of Pirelli ice and snow tires put on him prior to me picking him up.......I drove to the airport and parked him -- only to come back to 8 inches of snow on the ground - and it was still coming down.......

I, too, was somewhat wary -- but even on I-94 (which had not seen a plow yet) - -he handled incredibly well. No - -not like a 4wd Avalanche or Silverado - but very controllable as long as I drove sensibly..... When I got home, the Driveway had not been touched - and he went right up the driveway......

The key to all of this:

Do NOT take an SS out in the snow -- if the roads are covered -- unless you put all-seasons or snow tires on your Camaro. The tires on the SS are meant for performance -- not driving in snow.

Remember that a Camaro is low to the ground -- if you drive into deep snow, you ARE going to eventually pile snow under the car -- losing traction......
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